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Rising Damp

Common signs of damp are; peeling paint or wallpaper, bubbling or crumbling plaster, "tide marks" at the bottom of your walls, white marks on walls, black mould and decayed skirting boards.


Condensation Control

Signs of condensation include water droplets, patches of damp on walls, peeling wallpaper, damp window frames, rotten timbers, black mould growth, “fusty” odour and damage to fabrics.



Common signs are exit holes, tunnels, frass (a sawdust-like material), crumbling or cracking timber and live or dead beetles.


Wet Rot

Common signs of wet rot include; softened timber, excessive movement in timber, fungal growth, flaking of paint, brittle or cracking timber, fusty odour and a change in colour of the timber.


Dry Rot

Common signs of dry rot are damaged timber, white or grey strands on timber, orange or red spore dust, musty odour and fungal growths.


Penetrating Damp

Common signs of penetrating damp are; discoloured patches on your walls or ceiling, peeling paint or wallpaper, bubbling or crumbling plaster and black mould.


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