What Is Condensation?

Condensation is extremely common, particularly during the colder winter months. It occurs when warm water vapour filled air meets a cold surface and condenses leaving behind water droplets.

The main causes are insufficient ventilation, inadequate loft insulation and excessive moisture from daily activities such as showering and cooking.

How Can I Tell If My House Has Condensation?

Signs of condensation include;
- Water droplets
- Patches of damp on walls
- Peeling wallpaper
- Damp window frames
- Rotten timber
- Black mould growth
- Green mould spores
- “Fusty” odour
- Damage to fabrics.

What Can Derbyshire Damp Services Do To Help?

Most cases of condensation can be dealt with by following some simple measures to ensure there is an adequate heating / ventilation balance.

In the first instance; keep windows open when you can, keep air vents and chimneys clear from obstructions, wipe down surfaces after showers, leave a gap between your walls and furniture, do not dry clothes on radiators and make sure your ventilation pipe on your tumble dryer runs outside your property.

If your property is still displaying signs of condensation after trying the above recommendations then you may need a more long-term solution such as installing a PIV system, thermal plaster boarding or applying a barrier cream outside.

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