What Is Woodworm?

Woodworm is the generic term for a number of beetles that bore into wood. They are usually attracted to damp timber, which is similar to what they would find in their natural habitat, for them to lay their eggs in and feed their larvae.

How Can I Tell If My House Has Woodworm?

Signs will vary depending on the type of insect involved and the stage of their life-cycle they are at.

Common signs are;

- Exit holes

- Tunnels

- Frass (a sawdust-like material) 

- Crumbling or cracking timber

- Live or dead beetles.

These signs may be found anywhere there is timber in the home, such as joists, rafters, floor boards, skirting boards and wooden furniture.

What Can Derbyshire Damp Services Do To Help?

Woodworm can often be treated by applying a deep penetrating insecticide.

If the structural integrity of the timber has become compromised, the affected timber would also need to be removed and replaced.

The treatment remains within the layers of timber, which means that as well as treating existing infections, it will also protect your property against future woodworm attacks.

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