What Is Dry Rot?

Dry Rot is an aggressive form of fungal growth which can affect nearly any type of surface such as timber, steel and brick.

It is caused due to humidity and poor ventilation but unlike wet rot, it can spread much further than its original water source.

How Can I Tell If My House Has DryRot?

Common signs of dry rot are;

- Damaged timber

- White or grey strands on timber

- Orange or red spore dust

- Musty odour

- Fungal growths.

In later stages you may also notice white or grey cotton-wool like substance or large mushroom like fruiting bodies.

What Can Derbyshire Damp Services Do To Help?

Treatment will vary depending on the source of the moisture that is feeding the attack. Our surveyor will identify the cause and advise on the best way to fix the problem. This will be combined with removing and replacing affected timber and treating any remaining timber with a chemical fungicide

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