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Spring Cleaning - Perfect Time to Check for Damp!

Updated: May 10

It's that time of year again; Winter is gone, the weather is getting milder (mostly), the days are getting longer, the animals (and us) are coming out of hibernation and we're starting to look forward to spending time outdoors again after months of being cooped inside (winter lockdown has been hard!)

Many people will also be feeling the urge to deep clean their houses to prepare their homes for the months ahead. This is good for both your home and your health!

This is the perfect time to take a look around our houses and identify any effects that the cold and wet winter may have had.

Here are a few signs of damp you should look out for;

Musty smell

Staining or dark patches on walls and ceilings

Damaged or rotten skirting boards and other timber

Peeling paint or wallpaper

Bubbling or crumbling plaster

Excessive condensation on windows

Black mould

White salt marks on walls

Damp window frames

Wet walls

Not only are these very unsightly but they can also be very dangerous for your health. As such, signs like these should not be ignored! They are all symptoms of a problem so cleaning the area or painting over it will not resolve the issue. It is important that you locate the source of the problem and fix it!

If you do find any signs of damp, you should consider calling an expert such as Derbyshire Damp Services to identify and resolve the problem quickly and efficiently before it causes further problems.

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